Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I've started saving money for our next IUI round. I keep it tucked away in a giant empty water cooler, today I decided I was going to count it to see how much I had.


While there may have been a few dollars in there before, I can guarantee I've saved at least half if not 3/4ths of it since last Thursday.

At this rate we should be able to complete our next round, this fall. Which makes pretty happy. I decided to keep a running tally mark going that way I know to either keep going, or to save more. After today, I'll officially have $100 saved. I'm hoping to be up to $150-$170 by the end of the week. I'm just going to keep socking away that money. It's already hard to save though because I do want to buy a few things...more than my $50 self allowance was going to let me...quite a bit more.

I'd like to buy a few things on sale from Old Navy (since they're having a massive sale right now) and I want to register for two races in the next upcoming months. It gives me something to look forward to other than the few baby showers I'll undoubtedly get invited too this fall.

I really need to work on getting my Gonal-F rebate done...that'll be closer to $200 + whatever I'll have saved by the time I get the rebate back.

I'm not an expert on saving money, I wish I had more information for you...but check out a blog post over at Always Katie. She gives a detailed list on how to save on your medications. It was the same thing our doctor told us to do, so it was a very helpful post.

Check out Footsteps For Fertility  to learn about applying for a grant. As well Fertility Life Lines  and Fertility By Design for ways to save on medications. Here's a website I have yet to check out but could be promising...Care Foundation.
 We got a 20% discount for the Gonal-F through Compassionate care, so that's how we chose to use that medicine. Just need to fill out the paperwork now...or win the lottery...whatever comes first...suppose I have to play the lottery as well...or not.


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