Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finally Pitched the Medicine

Last week I was finally able to throw away our medicine. The Gonal-F is ineffective after 30days once mixed & we don't plan on doing another cycle till hopefully Fall.

I made Chandler hold my hand. I said out loud "This does not mean that we are giving up just that we are moving onto the next step." My heart almost skipped a beat...it felt good to release it but at the same time I
wasn't quite ready to...give up the first round I guess.

But I did it. Onto the next...right now the overall savings is $126.78

A bit under what I wanted to have saved by this time this week, but house renovations REALLY got in the way of savings. Today though I have filled out the form for the gonal-f rebate, so hopefully that will really help add more money into our IUI fund.

Thank you for reading
Well, I am off to work...hoping the day brings more little by little for you as well as for me ;)


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