Friday, July 31, 2015

Dear Dumb Diary

I went out shopping with a friend tonight. I had been looking forward to it all week! Bargining hunting, the Goodwill store, in the rich neighborhood ;) where the GREAT brand names are! After picking up some great clothing finds, we stopped over in the entertainment section.

I saw these books, obviously for preteen girls, but ones I'd never heard of, and we couldn't help but just absolutely chuckle at the titles and the first few pages. Dear Dumb Diary, if you think it's free to read this book you're wrong!

I clung to one particular title though...

After losing it over the title and the title page, I had to put it in the cart. I think this will be a very funny book when I'm having a particularly bad day.

I couldn't help but think how true the title was and how it related to all of us who might be reading this blog, or other blogs relating to infertility. 

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