Tuesday, July 21, 2015

During a Storm, Hope

I am almost at a loss as for what to post today. The fertility issues aren't on the forefront of my mind at this moment, but I can tell you I officially have $494 in our IUI fund!

I'm pretty excited about that! Just a few more small steps closer...okay...one small step closer, but a step nonetheless.

Today, I am not struggling. Today is a good day.

One of my clients talked about how it took her daughter 6 years, and 6 rounds of IUI's before they got their granddaughter whose now 22 months.

Stories like that, are almost blessings to me. They are the drops of water I need on rough days. It reminds me that at 4 and a half years into this journey, I can still do.

While the storm isn't raging for me today, in case it is for you I hope this quote helps.


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