Sunday, July 19, 2015

Funeral Thoughts

I had a cousin pass away earlier this week. Part of the family and I traveled to go to the funeral. This was a tough one. Normally, I am content knowing that our loved ones have gone onto heaven. It's usually the people left behind that I grieve for.

But this one...this was rough.

He was only 37 years old. Not married. No kids. A very Godly man, hysterical, continually helped others. It was a long battle with cancer that finally stole the life from him. It was awful. He kept his humor as long as possible though.

It was hard watching his mother. Losing a child. No one should have to bury a child. No matter the age. And this was the second child she's buried. Somehow, that feels worse.

The sermon was very nice though. The pastor used Psalm 27.

When cousin D prayed he always used the name Yeshua, which means  to rescue to deliver, the one who saves.

Cousin D believed in the saving power and grace of Jesus. Always believing that. A young man, buried with his bible. Friday night when I laid my head down to rest, while praying I got the sense that Cousin D was up in heaven, telling me that he was good. He was really good. I could hear and see him laugh. I slept really well, knowing that he had been saved. Not for this life, but for the one in Heaven.

I wish I had words to express this more clearly, but I don't always feel articulate enough when it comes to talking about the Lord. I can only tell you what I feel and what I've experienced in my own life. 

It's times like these though, that make me wonder...if his mom had known that this is how his story when end, would she still have had him? I think most moms would say yes. Especially knowing that Cousin D touched a lot of lives with his job, with his humor, with his belief. To listen to her cry and understand her pain. Broke my heart.

Here's to brighter days, a toast to loved ones lost, and remembering that we are never alone.

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