Thursday, July 9, 2015

Joy over Bitterness

Today is a much day than yesterday. After work I called C for an impromptu date night, last night things really turned around! I knew he'd be working late helping a friend, but I talked him into meeting for dinner before he went off for the night.

It was a blessing to sit down, eat Mexican food, and laugh at really silly stuff such as "If you had an evil liar would you build it into the side of a cliff or under the water?"We were split down the middle.

I was able to get to the gym too for a good swim...let me define good. I never took real swimming lessons, I just mimicked what I've seen REAL swimmers do. I'm sure the guy ACTUALLY swimming laps two lanes over from me was questioning my style, but it was great.

I also FINALLY downloaded NetFlix onto my phone...I feel unstoppable now. LOL, I feel like I'll really be able to distract myself with some cheesy shows such as Hart of Dixie, when I'm bored at work.

Yesterday it occurred to me, that while this journey is long a frustrating and so much joy can easily be stolen from my life, I can do my best to not be bitter.

It's REALLY hard some days to not be bitter. It's even harder to look for the small blessings that are in each day. Which sounds horrible, I should be looking for these things right? Actually seeking out simple stuff such as, it was awesome to hang out with my hubby for a little bit in the middle of the work week, or the weather was great and made for a good run this morning. My old man of a cat took his pain medicine really well this morning!


When I start to get mad or frustrated I NEED to say to myself "What will bring me joy right now? What is something good I can concentrate on?"

Some upcoming events such as a 5k in August, a 10k in September that I have planned. A mini vacation with the man in September as well. The fact that I now have just a few pennies over $200 saved towards our next cycle. Today it's easy to concentrate on these earthly things.

Or better things, such as this weekend I get to see my parents! Spend time with a close family member. See my friends soon.

These are the things I need to remember on truly bad days.

Today's lesson:: Remember to ask myself 'What will bring me Joy when I'm feeling anything but joyous?' That's one sure fire way to stop a bad mood!


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