Monday, July 6, 2015

My First #Microblog Monday

I didn't mean to take the weekend off! I apologize. 4th of July tends to be an emotional trigger for me, that and I was CRAZY busy with family events all weekend.

But I'm here! I powered through!! And back for my first Microblog Monday! (Brought to you by Stirrup Queens.)

And now, I finally get to relax...finish my popcorn and wine and continue watching Scandal! Because if there's any way to take your mind off your own issues, it's listening to others issues. 

Do you ever do that? Just sit and listen to a friend complain about her mother in law, her pets, or crazy neighbor's? Maybe even her husband. And in that moment, even though your heart breaks for you friend because her boy friend, who seemed amazing, has suddenly dumped find peace in knowing that you're not alone in your struggle.

Pain is pain. We all have it. We all relate to it. All we can do is support each other, so here I am watching scandal talking to my best friend via text and sending her all the pins she needs to help forget old what's his name...all while watching one of the best shows on television ::winky face::



  1. Absolutely. I think that's part of why we blog, right? Or at least, sometimes it is.

  2. Oh yes. Usually turning to fiction. But hells yes, I reassure myself that my problems are small compared to X fictional character.

  3. Thank you ladies for stopping by! Justine, I think you're right. To connect, to read others stories.
    LOL thanks Lollipop, yeah...Olivia Pope's life is sooo crazy. My is pretty tame compared to that, but it definitely takes the edge off a bad day.

  4. Sharing the pain helps lessen the pain, or at least not add the pain of loneliness to whatever you are suffering. I love the quote, from one of my favorite recent books. I'm branching out a bit, but when I was in the thick of infertility treatments, I would only read books about people whose lives were way worse than mine. I felt much better hearing about their woes and consoling myself that at least I didn't... all the things in the books. Of course if someone actually said that to me "at least you don't..." I would have been mad, but I can do it myself. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jess. Love what you said.
      "Sharing the pain helps lessen the pain, or at least not add the pain of loneliness to whatever you are suffering." I think I need to write that down and stick it somewhere.