Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I've struggled with the direction of the blog. At first I thought it would be a great idea to write letters about our journey to our future child, maybe post it online...because if it's not online it's not true...please not the laughing sarcasm. (I promise I'm getting to the book) But quite honestly, I just know I wanted a way to connect with other bloggers, other couples like myself. Read other peoples stories, know that there is someone out there who is struggling like us.

On one hand it's good to know that we're not alone, but then there's the have stories like ours & these stories are crappy. I just know I wanted, or rather I felt God put it on my heart to start a blog about our journey to connect with others.

Well...kind of. I have the tendency when God starts giving me direction, to not completely and utterly understand his I tend to be the impatient type. I think "Okay God! I got this!" And run away while he's still trying to deliver the rest of the speech.

And while I'm in limbo with treatments and currently having a decent week with my emotions, I thought it might be kind of fun to read you my thoughts on the book Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

It's for a book club I'm in. I'll start by saying I will be posting some spoilers so if you haven't read it yet and are intending too, I'll say thanks for stopping by, I'll post again tomorrow!! LOL
However, I will admit 2 things. 1st being the further I got into the book the more I can tell's not meant for women who are struggling with this fertility journey. Because this book is ALL ABOUT the twisted relationship between a mentally crazed women who has no idea how to not only parent her children but how to LOVE her children.

It makes you want to through the book across the room. You want to reach in the book grab Adora (the mother) and smack her around.

On a literary standpoint:: It's an amazing book. Very dark, if that's your sort of thing. Great writing, she tells the story in a very different way then I'm used too. First she introduces the action--what is essentially propelling the book forward, then she drops little dark hints about what the main character's mental health is, then waits until chapter 5 to physically describe her facial features. It has a driving force behind it and you're compelled to almost read it in one sitting.

So anyway, I digress...also here's where the spoilers sort of creep up.

(These were all sent via text to a girl in my book)
pg 45:: Amma killed them. She's creepy...don't like her...definitely don't trust her. 
BCF(Book club friend):: ahahahhaaaa!!! Keep reading

(pg 65) I think the mother pulls out her eye lashes because it's a physical way to represent that she "can't believe what she's seeing. Also I think Camille (the main character in the book--she used to carve words into her skin, and now the remain as tiny, raised, white tattoos, as a testament to her past.) cuts and carves herself because it's a way for her to write her own story since she didn't a chance when she was a kid.

pg. 93:: I blame Camille's mother and grandmother for everything that is wrong in her life.

pg. 125:: I am going to throw the book at the wall (but I don't because it's on my nook. I like my nook) I need Xanax

pg. 128:: This emotionally unstable and heartless book is making me binge eat...luckily it was only almonds and dried cranberries, BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE!
Also...definitely not going to our high school reunion.The more things change, the more they stay the same. Catty women. I'm disgusted.

((No page number for this one)) I HATE ADORA! She should die. She's worst human being...she just drunkenly told her daughter OUT LOUD "I know why I don't love you."

I had to put the book down. I got so ferocious... all I could think was...

I also hope Richard is the real deal and just not out for some strange.

After being so enraged at how someone could treat their baby, I had to do it. I did the ONE THING you're not suppose to do in book club. I googled the ending. I had too because honestly if it wasn't going to end well, I wasn't going to be at the next book club meeting. Not until I could emotionally process life.

I'll say, there is some justice, but it's one of those books that will leave you hanging....I will read to the end I've decided, but I'm not going to pick the book back up until next...after I find a book to cleanse my pallet.

Alright everyone, I'm off to bed.

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