Friday, August 21, 2015

Cash Out

We cashed out the IUI fund jar today. Grand total was $481.16.

So a few more dollars than I originally thought I had. This week will be crap for savings. Meaning I'm not likely to be able to start the fund again this week. Which is sad, but we're on the hunt for the car parts to fix the extra car, so we can sell it.

I'm really praying that it goes for $3,000 plus.

Also praying it sells fast.

The garage sale is next weekend. I need to get a move on taking inventory of what will be in the sale.

With everything we're trying to achieve our next IUI date, hopefully, will be in January. In talking with a friend she will be in the same boat. Not being able to do anything fertility wise until beginning of next year. We've made it a plan to do something once a month until next year. We're going to take the time to take care of each other and ourselves especially with the impending Holidays. Cause we all know how GRRREEATTT those are when going through treatment or even just more waiting. Having plans helps. Takes the focus off the negativity.


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