Friday, August 28, 2015

Letting Go and Letting God Garage Sale

I've been knee deep, now eye ball deep, in garage sale work all week. I swear people need to take a week off to deal with this. I started with $60 for the sale in change, spent $10 bucks on signage, bought my sister dinner and coffee, and stickers/poster board for other random odds. Apparently as of today we've made about $75.

If you're not including what I've purchased in food, I'm definiltey making profit, but getting closer to breaking even if you include food/coffee. Two more days of waiting and wondering what will sell.

It's weird having people going through your stuff. Pawing through and deciding what they like and don't like. Because I am doing this garage sale for our IUI, I keep relating it to our fertility journey. Inviting all those people to your house to go through your stuff, was like how people keep invading your personal lives while trying to achieve getting pregnant/adding to your family, etc.

It was weird because I've been quite moody this week and haven't quite figured out why. Then this morning after I helped my sister set up and drive away. I started to cry. And I just realized that I was afraid this garage sale was going to fail, just like the rest of my fertility journey.

But a lot like my day, what I need to do is give it to God. I was leaving to go to work while my sister ran the garage sale. While she held hope for me and made deals for me and was trying to get top dollar for my stuff. I was letting my sister be in control.

I need to let go and let God. It's so much easier said then done. Don't get me wrong.

But by letting someone else hold hope, run the show makes it so much easier on my day to day. I have more room to enjoy my day. To focus on other things.

Right now, I am focusing on getting to bed early as we have two more days left in the sale. Please send prayers that it does well.
Instead of hoping that I make X amount, I am going to let the next 2 days go and just trust God that he will give us the right amount of money this week to put back towards our IUI savings.

Tomorrow I am going to post about how my perfect response went over with a client today! You'll be in for a good read.


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