Sunday, August 23, 2015

Passing the Time

I've been swamped with life and everything that a full time working person/saving for fertility treatment/runner can endure.

I finally have what seems like a few hours to myself today but it's filled with the little things I've been ignoring. For instance, cleaning my house! LOL, oh goodness.

C has been playing video games all day...well at least since I got back from my run not to long ago. I got a letter written, the house picked up, laundry mostly done, now I just need to shift through the garage sale stuff to make a list of that.

I'm very much looking forward to getting past the garage sale. I'm not sure why I'm so swamped by it, because my sister Rachel is actually going to be the run running it the first two days. She is a magical person. I want something to say thank you but it doesn't seem like enough. She has been such a constant goodness in my life, especially during the darkest days of our infertility. She has the biggest heart and nothing seems good enough to give her. I think I have an idea, but will wait till after the sale.

Speaking of that, I really do need to go sort stuff.

Oh and do you remember that post, where I talked about my weird cravings...well this week's non-pregnancy craving (I should call that something else. I mean really, pregnant women CAN'T be the only people to crave weird things.) was a diet doctor pepper and cheetos. Gosh, that almost still sounds amazing!

OH and my book club picked there next book, The girl on the train. I'll keep you posted as to my thoughts on it.


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