Thursday, August 6, 2015

Research for My First Garage Sale

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit overwhelmed with the garage sale idea...but what must be, will be done!!

I say this with conviction.

I sought out a few articles on garage sale tips. But it basically sounds like, don't get your hopes up for too much money. Sort of disappointing to hear, but every little bit counts, right?

Here are the two articles I found that make the most sense

From a Slob Comes Clean--tons of great articles on her site.
From Making Lemonade, also a good article on lowering your expectations, and how to organize and advertise

So in my research, I've realized that while this might not quite be the most money making venture, it will help declutter and destress my house. Help my house feel more like a home. Also, it will remind me once again, how my friends and family are supporting me by donating to our garage sale and helping with it!

Just a few more weeks now! EEK!

I think I will definitely need fun signage though.

If anything, this brought a smile to my day!
Wish me luck...also if you have tips and advice on having a garage sale, they are welcome!;postID=514052971993063863
So, price low, sell EVERYTHING, fun signs, organize the sale, have a few bogos, and don't forget to sell some snacks!

Do I need a counterfeit pen?

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