Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Savings and Garage Sale Update

I went through my garage sale items to inventory them. I was feeling somewhat discouraged last night as I kept thinking, here my sister is going to all this trouble and it's probably not even going to make us a lot of money.

As I was going through my clothes to get rid of and the items in my closets to pitch, well I guess I started to feel a little bit of hope. That if I could get at least half of what we cashed out back, then we'll be doing just fine.

We recently received $60 for watching a family friends dog over the weekend. We were happy to do it, and the money was totally unexpected. While I would LOVE to put it straight into the IUI jar, I am going to divide it up into different cash amounts for the garage sale.

So total savings this week: $0

Feeling of cleaning out the back room and loading the vehicle up with potential money making stuff:: Cleansing.

It's only Tuesday. The start of my work week, plus the garage sale, plus a few extra hours at work next week. I'm really hoping we'll get back up and running in no time.

Wish us luck,
I'll continue to update about the garage sale this week, since it's what's on my mind.

While I'm not upset about cashing out the IUI to fix one of our cars to sale, in fact I have peace about the decision...but it doesn't take away the sadness of wanting to have another cycle done this year.

For now, I'm just going to focus on the good and try to deal with the rest as it comes.
And hoping there's a lot of women out there looking for some old name brand clothing out there!!


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