Friday, August 14, 2015

Short Post

I'm not entirely sure what I intended to write about today, I guess I was just thinking about how I haven't posted in awhile.

As soon as I logged in I remembered I stumbled across I blog I want to look into.

Like C & I, Fertility Chick and her husband also struggle with dual diagnosis infertility. While checking out her blog I also came across His & Hers Infertility (just like the towels)

While I had started my day a small, tiny, minute, pitty party, seeing other peoples journies, how much they've struggled and shared and loved...and just survived. I felt a little less alone. I love hearing other peoples stories. Perhaps that's why there's no many of us bloggers out there.

I hate that we're on this journey, but at least I have good company and great women of faith and strength around me.


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