Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Long Way Around

I've done it. I've found my perfect answer. It came to me almost by accident really. Texting with a friend about a really rude consulatnt, who sells disability insurance at my job, and struck up a conversation with me earlier in the year about how I can use disability insurance to pay for when I "go on maternatiy leave". He then promptly asked if we had kids.

I told him no.

He said are you planning on having kids?

This man was essentially a stranger and I wasn't terribly sure how much I wanted to share. On one hand, I hate acting like we're not trying. It's almost like daring the universe to make it so that we're not. It's a crazy thought, but it is what is. Yet, I also hate saying "not yet" but where I live people think that means they can give you adivce and/or ask more questions.

This particular time I decided why not say something? I mumbled through something to the effect of "Well, it isn't easy for everyone, so I don't know."

"Well are you using condoms? Because as long as you're not pregnant right now, we can sign you up for this."

............SUPER AKWARD.

I tried to back peddle out of that conversation as soon as possible. I left, obviously, without signing up with his company.

Well...he was back today. He wanted me to sign up...again. The only hard push he has is that I can use the disability insurance for maternatity leave, because my husband and I have insurnace through his company.

He started in again. "Hey sorry, forgot your name. You just got married right?"

"No. 7 years ago."

"OH, well do you have kids?"


"Are you planning on having any, anytime soon?"

"No, not in the foreseeable future."

Funny how he was done attempting to sell me the insurance at that point. I was so frustrated, so I started texting a friend when she suggested an answer...which sparked my thought.

From now on I when asked the question "Do you have kids?" I will respond with

  "No, we would love some but unfortunately, we're having to take the long way around."

If this sparks anything further such as suggestions or questions I'll respond with "Right now, prayers and kind thoughts for the journey are welcome." Then change the subject.

I have found my blog header. I've changed it many times since I've started this tiny little blog, but I can feel it starting to take shape.

Thank you to my friend who helped me discover my perfect answer.


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