Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review-The Girl on the Train

Book club is this Sunday and we are reading The Girl on the Train. I don't necessarily recommend it if you are in a rough place with your infertility journey...I find myself being a little more emotional than usual and I'm not sure if it has to do with the book or the fact that I'm reading the book and also watching a t.v show that is heavy on the infertility journey as well. Well, somewhat heavy.

Either way, if my book club decided on another tragic dark book I'm going to do my brain and heart a favor and sit out.

I do enjoy the book. The Girl on the Train, don't get me wrong. It's a great read. I've been dreading reading it, because I know how much the infertility role plays in the story line, but I started it on Monday and I'm half done. I don't normally read this fast either, but here are my thoughts so far.

I cannot stand the conniving Anna woman. If you sleep with a married man, you deserve all the crazy in your life that you're going to get. (Unless you're married to the married man, sleep away!) You invaded another woman's life and home. Also her husband Tom...ridiculous. It's sort of sweet how he still tries to take care of drunk Rachel, but also Rachel...get it together. You're not married to the man anymore. Get a life that doesn't involve someone who looks to sleeping with other women as solving their marriage problems.

I get that mistakes happen, I'm not going to judge anyone, but what I am saying is that I'm emotionally involved in the book more than I should be lolol!

Some quotes from the book...
*"It didn't happen. No doctor has been able to explain to me why I can't get pregnant. I'm young enough, fit enough, I wasn't drinking heavily when we were trying..... We did one round of IVF, which was all we could afford. It was, as everyone had warned us it would be, unpleasant and unsuccessful. Nobody warned me it would break us. But it did. Or rather, it broke me, and then I broke us."

*"The thing about being barren is that you're not allowed to get away from it. Not when you're in your thirties. My friends were having children, friends of friends were having children, pregnancy and birth and first birthday parties were everywhere. I was asked about it, all the time. My mother, our friends, colleagues at work. When was it going to be my turn?" 

*"We were trying for a baby," I say, and my voice catches. Still, after all this time, every time I talk about it the tears come to my eyes. "Sorry"

There was another quote, that I can't seem to find, about how she's better now. Even though it hurts she's better. She can now go to the park and watch the children play and their mothers that are with them. It reminded me of how there are some things that no longer punch that fist size hole through my heart, or that wave of hot emotion that drags me under. Then there are some days that it does get close.

I'm in it till the end though. I need to know she finds resolution or that she finds that place where she can live with the pain.

I'll let you know how to goes through the end of the book.

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