Wednesday, September 2, 2015

For something completely different

I'm trying to get out of my funk a little...a part of doing that is by concentrating on other things.
I like to lose myself in a t.v. show or a movie. This morning rather than turn on the news, I turned on the Walking Dead season 1. It's something different to start the day and it's fun to go back and see what I remember/have forgotten. I'll probably watch an episode(s) every day until the new season comes back on...I also really enjoy going to the movie theater. Although the movies can sometimes be dicey. You never know how might end up....raining on your sunshine parade while you're attempting to feel better.

Therefore today, to give my brain a break, I've decided to compile a list of my top 10 favorite movies, feel free to share what your favorite movies are. Plus, even I'm tired of my miseralla posts.

This list is my top 10, of all time. Oh, I should probably mention my criteria for draws more than 1 emotion out of me. I can connect with it on a personal level or to transports me into the story. Meaning I'm not thinking about what to eat tomorrow or what I'm going to do after the film is over. I'm IN the film. I'm hook, line, sinker in the story. The plot line is consistent. Not messy. Lastly, they're movies that I can probably quote frontwards and backwards. Without fail if they're running the reruns on the television I can almost NEVER pass up the opportunity to watch it. Almost never. Like 99% of the time I won't pass it up or even change the channel during the commercials. The acting is on point.

Stick through the might be surprised!

Worthy Mention Tie for #10...The Longest Ride--Okay, I have yet to read the book, and there's a good possibility that I only like this movie for one reason, it's also not...well...I feel like part of the story line gets jumbled at the end...just a tiny part but otherwise it's a good movie. Part of the story is a GIANT ments. (Ments--if you're new to the IF community MENTS means this could possibly be a trigger for you.) But it was one of the first movies where male factor infertility popped up. I watched this movie last year, at a time when my husband and I had a lot more questions then answers and this movie really reminded me of what REALLY mattered.
Plus, come on...Scott Eastwood...I mean, how could you not...He's legal right? I hope I'm not a cradle robber. Just kidding...this movie has a bit of the cheese factor turned up, it is a Nicholas Sparks movie after all, but the second story line of the older couple is what I really connected with. That part of the story line was well thought out. I'm not sure it's a GREAT movie but like I said, I connected with it. Also...finding 10 movies that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE was hard!!!

Worthy Mention Fireproof/Tie for 10-- the cheese factor on this one is AWFUL! Turned up all the way. The acting from the extra's is a little...well it's noticeable that they are acting! It's a good Christian movie though. It's a great reminder how we should be treating our spouses. That they are treasures and how to love them through the hard times. Again, not a GREAT movie, but one that brings on powerful emotions.'s my REAL list!

9. The Shawshank Redemeption- Morgan Freeman should probably be my only answer here, lol. In all seriousness though, this is a great movie. It takes the film watcher to a different place and time. It makes you wonder if he really did shoot his wife and lover and if he should be allowed to get away with it. This is one of the movies that I have had to watch a few times but it's very well thought out.I always notice something different when I watch it. 

8.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green-- this movie is a walking MENTS  It's about a couple who couldn't conceive. It's full of those private moments that only couples who face this journey can truly understand. It spoke to me at a time when I needed it. It reminded me of hope. And what more can you ask for from a movie?

7. The Help--This movie has a minor MENTS story line but still very good. The book was great and the film stayed fairly close to the book story line/plot. This movie makes you think and takes you to a different time and place. It made me appreciate what my life as it is now. It was a girl who had the courage to tell the story of a group of people that needed their story told. Yet it made the family look within themselves to ask themselves some very hard questions.

6. Sweet Home Alabama- Sweetest romance movie. It was the first movie I ever cried at. For many reasons. I think at the time I was going through a breakup with a boy and wasn't sure how I felt, then later in life, when Jake said "You can have roots and wings, Mel." Reminded me that I could have big dreams yet remain grounded and at home. Silly but good. Love it. It reminds you to look at the good things. It does have a MENTS  moment in it. It's a good one. This movie has gone through 3 different stages of life with me, all of them moments of some form of pain. Oddly enough. Love this movie.

5. 300- LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Gerard Butler. Abs. The warrior spirit. The Spartan women. Slaying the bad guys. Based on true story! When the odds are stacked against you, you can beat them. Governments can be overthrown. The quotes get me so pumped up for run!

4. The Lord of the Rings...okay so it's a trilogy, but I will watch them all back to back every time. The cinematography is impeccable. The quotes are non-stop. It's hope, love, devastation. Beating the odds. It's the little guy doing the impossible thing. It's EVERYTHING movies are made of. I could go on, but I won't. If fantasy worlds aren't your thing, that's okay but this movie will transport you to a different place and time that, will have you believing that you can walk up towards those difficult mountains in your life.


3. Die Hard With a Vengeance- I love the way he says a$$hole! It's hysterical. It's a GREAT laugh, but just enough suspense to keep you on your seat. This is 90's action filming at it's best.

2. Lucky Number Slevin--I've only seen this movie once. It was years and years ago that I saw it. I'm telling you though it's the craziest movie to watch. You don't realize what's actually happening until the very end. Plus Josh Hartnett? I mean, come on--he's hot! That's just a bonus though. This movie is well thought out. It's complicated but not hard to follow. Very much worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet. Plus my sister and I use the phrase Kansas City Shuffle phrase when we're together and if someone is going on about babies or pregnancy, she helps me change the subject. Because we're vigilantes like that.

1. Hocus Pocus--because it's the best Halloween Movie of all time. A kid who has forgotten the magic of Halloween remembers what is and finds out that it is in fact real. The snarky lines are hard to forget and are quoted often. And in the end Bette Middler plays one of the best witches of all time. Good vanquishes evil and the good souls are set free to be happy again. How can you NOT love it?

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