Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Had to Share Links

Two links I came across today:: The first caught my attention because I have recently been talking to a friend in my bible study group about starting an Infertility Support Group at our church.

Elisha over at Waiting for Baby Bird wrote an amazing post on just how to do such a thing. Or rather in her opener how to start a Faith Based Infertility Group. I will be pouring over this page and talking with my friend more in the coming weeks. At some point, I will also email our pastor to get his advice and gudiance.

How to Start a Faith Based Infertility Group from Waiting for Baby Bird 

And this one, it's as if my fellow bloggers are reading my mind right now! I've talked about how I might be reading Girl on a Train, well fellow infertility blogger over at The Next 15000 Days posted what she thought about the book!

Very interesting! I'll be picking up the book tomorrow!

I also recently purchased Lavendar essential oil to try and help with some of the depression at our house. I'll keep you posted after a give it a go for a few weeks.


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