Monday, September 28, 2015

Insurance Petition

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 Have you seen this petition floating around online? Oddly found it linked to a pin, almost didn't think it was true. However, after further investigation I signed it! I wanted to share this petition with you, as I personally have chronicled a little bit of your financial journey to do another IUI. Saving towards $3,500 is not only difficult financially but emotionally as well. Do we buy this even though we have a goal? Do we buy that because we need it even though it's expensive? How long will these financial decision put off our dream of building a family using assisted reproductive measures?

 Currently banked in our 'Piggy Bank' is just under $200, while it was larger, we decided to try and gain financial peace by taking out $500 to help fix one of our vehicles then sell it. Hoping that goes a long way towards paying for our second IUI.

However, I can tell you for sure that I have friends who owe their clinics of upwards of $15,000 and that's without an assisted procedure from their clinic. Their $15,000 debt only included medicine, shots, ultrasounds, and timed intercourse! A petition like this would be amazing for people such as myself. It would go a long ways towards helping us not just financially, again, but emotionally!

Please consider signing.  Mandate All Insurance to Cover Infertility as Basic Healthcare. Acknowledge Infertility as a disease, not a choice. 


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  1. It needs to be fair mandated coverage. I live in a state with mandated coverage, but so many employers get around the law with loopholes.