Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Maybe not today either

Wondering if PMS is setting in...I'm just off today. I was so pumped this morning, but then as I came to work to cash my paycheck I started calculating bills.

Still waiting on my other check to come in but I was ball parking bills and I won't be able to pay off the two bills I had wanted too this week.

I also wasn't wasn't able to put the $50 I made yesterday into the IUI fund...but so far in the fund is $237.61

Thinking positively, I am still currently waiting on $32 from garage sale holds, as well as waiting for us to get the $500 back from the broken car.

So in THEORY we have $769.61 towards are next IUI. Plus the clothes I would like to try to still sell online should help.

I'm still so bummed that we can't do another IUI this year. 

Does money every get anyone else down? I feel guilty paying for things I want like a race or  a shirt, or something silly. I feel like every last dime should go to savings but the point is to enjoy life right? So while a shirt might not necessarily keep me happy it might bring a tiny bit of happiness....which let's be real, this sucks, we need all the happiness we can get even if it's only for a moment, right?

And as long as I'm facing the reality, I have to admit to myself that we barely had the money this last time, no wonder we're struggling to pay bills these last few months. I called my RE's office to see if I needed to get my labs redrawn to check on my prolactin levels. I was informed they only do that about every 6months. "We noticed you haven't come in for another cycle yet? Would you like too?"

"We LOVE too! However, we just don't have the money. Hopefully we'll be back in January."

"Okay, well, we'll just redraw your labs then."

UGhhhhhhhhh. Okay, it's just a sucky day and I'm totally being a Negative Nancy-Bitter Betty-Debbie Downer.

OOOOH, and two friggin' pregnancy annoucements on Facebook this morning at 6:30am, soooo that probably explains WAY MORE about my attitude then anything else.

Truth. I need to remember this. On some days it's just harder to crap rainbows and sunshine than it is on other days. Today, it's hard. But, tomorrow will be better. This weekend C & I have a mini vacation followed by a luxurious spa day next week. Things will be better. I need to remember to act like my blessing is on its way.


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