Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Long Way Around--Sermon from In Due Time

I happened upon this post awhile back but I must have saved it. Probably because I wanted to listen to the sermon when I got a chance. Yesterday I got just such a chance. 

Caroline over at In Due Time posted on 'The Long Way Around', it was a sermon by Charlotte Gambill given in 2011. Charlotte starts out by saying how this sermon will raise your head a little higher and lift that burden off your shoulders. Something I very much needed this last week. 

It was one of the best sermons I've listened to on Infertility. I can't thank Caroline enough for sharing it. It not only helped me feel better but definitely helped me change my perspective on my 'long way around' journey. 

Charlotte is funny, charismatic. She preaches in a way that I can absolutely relate too and understand. Take a listen here. It is a 45minute video on how her 'Long Away Around' journey was actually filled with blessings. Her long way around took 5 years. Not 5 minutes. As she says. 

It reminded me to believe in Jesus and his plans for my life. There are times in your life...and sometimes it will seem endless, that people will get what you have been praying for. What you have been waiting for. "Hello Jesus, remember me? The good girl? The girl that always goes to church? Always prays? Hello?" 

Charlotte talks about two such times in John. One where Jesus brings a widows son back to life and when he goes to Mary and Martha, for his friend Lazarus. One was an instant and one was 'A Long Way Around.'

Given the chance, more blessings can and will be reaped out of 'The Long Way Around' but you have to believe God when he tells you "Baby, I'm going to get you where your going. I'm just going to take you the long way around."

Trusting God and telling and reminding myself that I can be a blessing in someone's life today. That there is a purpose to Gods plan. That I will, get double for my trouble. Thank you Lord Jesus for Charlotte. Please, bless her minitstry as well as Caroline's ministry over at In Due time. Bless Caroline and her husband. Thank you Lord for this sermon. Amen. 

This morning even after listening to the sermon I wanted to give a snarky response to someone, but I reminded myself...there is a purpose to God's plan. This mess is a message and this trial will be my testimony. Even though, it's going to take me the long way around. 

Thank you for stopping by everyone, please take a listen to the sermon...45minutes...it's worth the long way around ;)


  1. It is amazing when the right words come to you at the right time. I'll have to save this for when I have time to listen.

  2. The best sermon, right? Thanks for sharing!!!