Thursday, October 15, 2015

I've been gone to long

There hasn't been much to write about lately. Probably why I haven't posted.

A few things have happened though this last week. C & I won a cruise! A 7 day cruise to the Caribbean! Excited about it but then I learned about having to pay the deposit. If we want to upgrade to a balcony it's a $500 dollars down.

If I had $500 I wouldn't be going on a silly cruise. I'd be trying to buy my infertility medication. It's not that I'm ungrateful for this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity, but where will we find the money for this? We need this vacation. I haven't had any convictions about not taking it, but definitely about how to pay for it and when we should go.

We were orginally thinking over our anniversary, that way we could avoid any future IUI's we might do. We were hoping to accomplish 1 cycle in May. But if we're paying for a cruise...who knows...

Hard to plan these things I guess.

I read this article over at In Due Time--My War Room...I'm going to need to create one of these for sure.

My prayer life has been lacking quite a bit. I need to get back at it. It's been hard though as I've recently thought about switching churches. That's a whole other story for a different day.

I know misery loves company, so I am going to end this post on a positive note. I have officially passed the $200 dollar marker for our next IUI savings! If you include the money we are going to put back after we sell one of our vehicles (provided we can get it fixed soon) we have over $700!

As for the cruise...well...I have $3 in that jar. LOL!


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