Sunday, October 25, 2015

My 2 Things

Two things I am posting about today:: The first is about this adorable list I found on Buzzfeed. Naturally it caught my attention as we are still working towards going on a cruise. The list is entitled 'Here's How Traveling Can Actually Help You Win At Life'.

It's a cute little list about a couple and their two cats who decided to live in 1 city for exactly 1 year before packing up and moving on to the next adventure. There were just a few cons, but unexpectedly, I saw this...

"Point is, family can mean many things, and different things to different people. Be open to whatever definition of family comes your way."

Just reminded me of my little family two. Just because there are two of us, doesn't mean that we are any less of a family. To celebrate my family of two in this season of waiting, I've decided to get our pictures taken, for Christmas mostly, but we're definitely getting them taken. 

The second thing that I wanted to share, or rather just spill my thoughts on were, I had a conversation with a girl at work who I assumed had accidentally become pregnant before marriage. While, I still don't quite get why people who aren't married decide to try and have kids, they were a couple who had be living together for awhile. So, of course, now that she's married (to the man of her son) I assumed that the second kid came to them just as naturally. 

Well...I did what my pastor has told us not to do. I filled in her blanks. I assumed I knew what her life story was about. What in fact was this girls truth was that she in fact has endometrosis. And this 'second baby' is actually her 6th baby.  

Hearing her story really encouraged me. After walking away from our conversation. I got goosebumps. I once heard them called Holy Ghostbumps. I felt as if that was my message from God saying "Have courage. Have faith. Have confidence."

Today while we racked leaves and spent time with a family of three at an orchard. I just kept praising God for the good things about this perfect fall day. 


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