Thursday, October 22, 2015

Today's a better day

Today is a much better day. A little more in control of my emotions...just a little. Mr T...not quite the oldest cat, but at 18...he's only 8 years shy of the Guinness world record, So a little less than a decade, but pretty close.

He rebounded. He's more steady on his feet today. Still VERY noisy. Eating again, not drinking as much. I've decided for now to stop giving him his arthritis medicine to see if that helps. I think it might have been to much on his small frame of barely 6lbs. He's a handsome old man. And I love him.

My friend, still hasn't had that baby yet! Waiting on word to find out if it's a boy or girl...I just pray that health wise everything is going very well and that no complications creep up. At this point it's been over 24hrs...

Usually before I post I end up reading the blog posts that catch my eye. Today's was "I Was Afraid You Wouldn't Understand Grieving Lost Embryos" from Waiting for Baby Bird. This woman of Christ has such a beautiful way with words. It's hard NOT to read her posts...even if I don't quite have the time to linger behind a computer screen. Her words are captivating and bring hope to a devastating journey.

Today's post was about losing 10 embryos. How she will mostly giving out a practiced answer when asked "So how many kids do you have?"
While I may have not had an embryo inside of me after our IUI, the opportunity was still as real to me as if I might have had one. It sounds corny/weird to say but it's true. I needed to grieve the loss. I'm mostly better. REALLY READY for the next go, but the timing and the financial aspect will again be on the Lord's timing.

Elisha did a guest post over at Recombie, the last line of her story really struck a cord with me. I believe God will give us babies. Whether from my womb or not, but I do believe they are out there. Waiting to come to us, and she couldn't have phrased it better I think.

"I believe God is not finished writing my story. I have hope He is not finished in His pursuit to fulfill the desires placed in my heart. And I cannot help but dream of the day I am rocking a baby in my arms…"

Lastly, there is an amazing buzzfeed list on Infertility Explained by 33 Cat could I not share this??


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