Thursday, November 19, 2015

I pretty much hate Thanksgiving

You can consider me the Chandler of Thanksgiving.

I hated it as a kid for a multitude of reasons, which I won't get into, however...the two reasons I will explain, is because 1. I thought people should be Thankful ALL YEAR long vs just 1 day.
And 2. It also just never made sense to me because we basically took a country and now feast till our hearts are content.

That's a bit bleak though isn't it? As I grew older though, I began to ACTUALLY be thankful for those around me, the blessings I had. While I do my best everyday to thank God for those blessings in my life, it's nice to celebrate it as well. My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is before the madness starts. I like to watch all 10 F.r.i.e.n.d.s Thanksgiving episodes the night before, then in the morning I like to wake up and drink coffee and watch the Macy's Day parade while eating a GIANT hearty breakfast.

It's time for myself. Time that I gift to myself before I have to watch my husband play with his nieces and nephews. It's time I give myself to enjoy. To not wonder what life would be like if... To not think. To just sit and be in my pajamas, in the quietness of the town.

Unfortunately I'm not getting that this year. 1 of two reasons. The first being there's family drama on both sides of the family.

On my side, my parents decided they're tired of hosting 2nd Thanksgiving. "We get stuck with leftovers, and everyone is exhausted by the time they come here." So they want to host a dessert buffet instead. Sounds good, but one of my siblings and I have decided we are going to surprise our dad with Thanksgiving breakfast. We're going to cook breakfast, watch the parade, and drink coffee.
Hell I might even wear my pajamas. It sounds all well and good but will make for a long day between breakfast driving to my in laws for lunch then back to my parents for dessert.
It's somewhat easier at my folks house, as there are no kids on that side of the family...yet. Give it time though, the sister in law has already announced she's 'Pulling out my birthday control the minute your brother gets back stateside.'

And on my in laws side, some of it is self explanitory. 2 of the 4 siblings have kids. 2 a piece. They are wonderful nieces and nephews. We love them dearly. The 3rd of the 4 siblings are currently trying to conceive. How joyous. Then there's us. Playing the infertility game since 2011. Yep.

The 2nd not so obvious reason is the major drama I have avoided talking about. Out of respect for C, I still won't. I know my blog is anonymous. But it still doesn't seem right to air the dirty laundry. I do ask for prayers though. Knowing that in the end, some good will come of this.

1 good thing is that I have been doing a better job of communicating my feelings. Instead of keeping them bottled up. So far my feelings have been acknowledged and not shot down. Which is also a victory. This is making us stronger as a couple.

For now, I am thinking I might suddnely have a flat tire and not be able to make it out to my inlaws on Thanksgiving, but we'll day at a time right?

Until then...Wine.

Also, if you need something MORE to help you get through the next two months, check out this AWESOME list over at Stirrup Queens. I love-love-love her note that I might actually just keep in my pocket.

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