Monday, November 23, 2015

Surviving Thanksgiving Part 1

Savings is up over $250 now. In cold hard cash.

Still battling quite a bit of stress. I'm suppose to be taking it one day at a time...I don't like that so much. It's not fun.

Here is a compalation of things I wanted to post about today...

This blog post by Elisha over at Waiting for Baby Bird, entitled "It's Okay to Not Be Okay this Thanksgiving" she has such a way with words.

"So give yourself the gift of grace.  Because you are not a horrible person.  You are a normal human being with normal emotions after experiencing loss and constant disappointment and heartache.   Even the most perfect person has occasional trouble seeing the joy through the pain.  So, sweet friend, don’t beat yourself up or kick yourself down.  Just do the best you can and try to remember through the holiday season that it won’t always be this hard, or this overwhelming, or this stressful.  Because just like the women in the articles wrote, night always turns to dawn.  Seasons always change.  And the valley you are in today might be the one you are looking down on tomorrow.  But until that time comes, just know that it’s okay to not always be okay…"

the second thing was that my friend, today, told me that I had a servants heart. Honestly, I think I struggled with knowing what my special talent was from God.As soon as I heard it though, or rather read it in this case, I thought. How sweet! Huh, that makes sense I guess.

I will post more about this, later this week.

And the last one...this handy dandy guide to the Holiday. You know, the one MOST OF US aren't looking forward too..the list is from buzzfeed.17 Essential Charts to Help you Survive the Holidays. These ones were my favorite...


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