Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Doesn't Have to Be...

Christmas doesn't have to be about having a baby.
It doesn't have to be about feeling inadequate.
It doesn't mean you're not complete.
It doesn't mean that you're not whole.

If you're struggling with infertility, this holiday is almost the worst. Someone is going to post a dumb picture of small shoes under the Christmas (if you've done this, it's actually a great idea, very cute...but speaking from a bitter point, dumb is what came out.) Tree indicating that their Christmas present will soon be arriving.

I came across this pin today, a quote from Andy Rooney

The mess on Christmas doesn't even have to be from wrapping or bows, it can be from food! It can be from Holiday DVD cases strewn throughout the living room. It could be blankets everywhere, it could animal hair in all the corners. Make your beautiful mess this Friday with your own definition of family.

There is joy on Christmas.

Awhile ago I started referring to my husband and I as a family. A small, modest family of two, with a few animals...well now only 1, but we're a family none-the-less.

There's my side of the family. Mom, dad, brother, sister, but also their dogs, and significant others. Or my husbands side of the family...that side is always a little harder to celebrate. As hard as it Christmas shopping for other peoples young children, it is nice to see their faces as they realize what we got them.

Also, I'm having a secret competition with myself to become the favorite aunt. So far, I think I'm winning, lololol.

Also, only because I've started coaching them. "Whose your favorite aunt? Say you!"

I did receive a story of hope late last week that I would like to share with you, but I will have to save it for my next post.

Christmas doesn't have to mean pain and it doesn't have to mean being a couple with a child. It can mean whatever you want it to as you celebrate it with friends, family, and even your pets.

With love,

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