Wednesday, January 20, 2016

From Sadness There Will Be Joy

I was hoping to set a goal of writing on this blog two times a week, but I often find I don't have much to write.

I'll give the highlights of our journey that seems to be moving at a glacial pace these days.

We technically have over $800 saved for our next IUI. Only $2,700 left to go. But trying to focus on the positive. Which is great! However, we are now debating on how fast we'll get the money back. Whether to sell the car that we are fixing to a family member or not.
I believe we should not sell to the family member unless there is a bank loan involved. C does not feel this way and it's causing some strife.

It's wonderful to help family, however, I think we should avoid the money side of helping at all costs right now as we are supposed to be saving for building our little family.

I think I scared myself a little as I recently learned of a couple, whose wife I am friends with, is getting a divorce after struggling with two miscarriages.

Their story is heartbreaking and always causes me to look at C & I's relationship a little closer. Do we have what it takes to see this through to the other side?

Most days I think yes. But then I have my dark days.

I guess, I'm wondering if this is a normal train of thought for everyone struggling.

I do know that a lot more went into the friends decision to end the marriage. That there is a whole other back story that I do not know about. However some days I'm just tired of it being so hard.

So the positives.
We have each other. When he's not being a complete BOY (I'm sure he'd say the same about me...well except the being a boy part.) I know we're in this together.
We have a good support unit
We still have time
We still have options
THIS. IS. NOT. HOW. OUR. STORY. WILL. END. It will not end in heartache or pain.

We watched Inside Out (couple of grown adults watching a Disney Movie on school night) and I cried. It's a great movie if you haven't seen it.
The lesson I took away from it was that Joy can be born out of sadness.


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