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I figure any good blog should have a page that tells you what the heck you're getting yourself into. Welcome to my little anonymous blog on the web.

It's just another little blog about battling through infertility. My hubby and I have currently been battling our journey for about 4 years now...hard to believe.

I won't be posting a ton of personal pictures but will be heavy on the stories, satire, bible verses, and the curse words of a sailor...a bit of an oxymoron--I'll do my best to keep the cursing down or at least attempt to use silly words instead of dirty words.

I needed a space where I could write about our journey, hoping somewhere out there there is someone out there who might understand just exactly what it is we're going through. This journey is often isolating and I've found solace in family & friends, and most importantly God, but still seems as though I still need to connect with couples like us.

With that lengthy intro, here is a little bit about us...

I'm 28, and 2 years ago was officially diagnosed with Poly Cycstic Ovarian Syndrome, and the hubby, 30, was diagnosed with Azoospermia. Double whamy. For all intents and purposes I'm Charlotte and the hubby is Chandler.

We took a year off to collect ourselves, and then we recently started trying again with help of a donor at our Reproductive Endocrinologist office.

We got our first BNF(Big Fat Negative) last week and well...I needed a place to just write it all down. I am on the Inspire Network website. It's been a bit of a God send. Luckily, at this point in time we are surrounded with an awesome support system. We weren't always, but we've finally found the right people to help encourage and build us up.

I'd like to say if you're new to this journey, I'm sorry. It sucks, but you're not alone. We've been on this ride four years, we haven't had the (please note the sarcasm) pleasure of taking it to the major leagues. Aka, IVF. But we have had our trails. Hopefully we can stay in the minor leagues. Aka, IUI.
If you've been on this road longer than I have, I admire your strength. Please send me all of the love and advice you got! 

I'm writing this blog in hopes of finding others out there like us. To help inspire others, encourage others, and to put down my thoughts somewhere...

This blog will be sprinkled with fandom references, funny pictures, bible verses, prayers, stories. It will probably also contain a lot of my love for running, healthy recipes, and my journey to a more happy, healthy lifestyle .

 I'll probably start in the present but flip back over the last 4 years of heartbreak, funny laughs, and little things that helped us put one foot in front of other on this wicked roller coaster called infertility.

Well, I'm off to finish my wine and popcorn.

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